Eterno Ivica among Italy's 1000 best companies

Eterno Ivica among Italy's 1000 best companies

11 апреля 2023

One of the best 1000 SMEs in Italy according to the study conducted by ItalyPost Study Center

On April 4th at the "Italy Generates Future" event held at Palazzo Mezzanotte, in the headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange, the survey of the financial statements of the top 1000 Italian SMEs was presented. 

In spite of crisis fears, record results have been collected over the past two years, and Eterno Ivica is one of the thousand named Champions, symbol of a true economic renaissance.

The ItalyPost Study Center, in collaboration with "L'Economia" of Corriere della Sera have conducted research on the financial statements of Italian companies that performed above the national average between 2015 and 2021.

The last April 13th, Eterno Ivica's president, Mr. Gabriele Favero, received the award as "Enterprise Champions 2023".

Eterno Ivica is among the 1000 Italian companies that have grown the most in the last 6 years and have performed the best in terms of EBITDA. The work is the result of further explored analytical work by the ItalyPost Study Center, and its main objective is to highlight the main players in Made in Italy.

A recognition of the great work conducted during these years by the Eterno Ivica's team.

A 68-year history, resulting in a timeline marked by sensational achievements and constant innovation. In a company focused on consolidating its role in the market and optimizing its performance.