Report of the events | December 2020

Report of the events | December 2020

30 декабря 2020

A report of all the events that have seen Eterno Ivica protagonist - The greetings of the President Gabriele Favero

We think that concluding this year with a reflection is the best way to welcome 2021 with a proper spirit.


Here are the words of our President Gabriele Favero.


"We will certainly remember this 2020 for having been a tough year to face, it has forced us to face difficulties never faced before and observing limitations that have compromised everyone's freedom.

We found ourselves forced to ask many questions and to have many doubts about the future, but without being able to find answers as they did not depend directly on ourselves. A year of mistrust, uncertainty and sometimes fear.

However, Eterno Ivica was able to resist this period - and will continue to pursue this goal - thanks to the help of those who never gave up. Customers, suppliers, partners have always accompanied us on this difficult path, giving us the opportunity to work for and with them.

Not least, I am grateful to all the Eterno Ivica's team who have faced these months with seriousness and professionalism and for having given their enormous contribution to the proper conduct of all activities.

For many, in addition to family and loved ones, work may also have offered a lifeline. It may have given the strength to continue and improve the spirit thanks to exchanges of ideas and analysis of the situation by sharing thoughts and possible solutions.

Thank you all for having faced 2020 in the best possible way, hoping to open the doors to next year with the strength and confidence that has distinguished us in recent months and hoping to have really understood the importance of interpersonal relationships and altruism."


Gabriele Favero