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Liquid side telescopic with fiberglass mesh

Available in three diameters: 50-75-90 mm. The Liquid side exit drain with fiberglass mesh is provided of certified fiberglass mesh, that allows compatibility especially with water base liquid waterproofing materials. The PP flange is provided with knurled surface on both sides, to improve the adherence of liquid insulating materials. Bottom part of the drain is provided with slope, to allow easy water drainage and prevent any stagnation of water inside the drain itself. Small steps on the upper part of the spigot allow dripping of water coming from any upper infiltration.


  • Stainless Steel Grating and Frame
  • Anti-intrusion system diameter 50/75/82/90/100 mm
  • Telescopic Extension H90 - H50 - H18
  • Water drainage grooves
  • “Non-stop water” internal grooves
  • Upper and lower knurled flange to improve the anchoring of the liquid waterproofing layers
  • High-performance certified Fibreglass mesh
  • Vertical drain cover diameter 50/75/82/90/100 mm
  • Side drain cover diameter 50/75/90 mm
  • Sloping bottom to prevent water stagnation


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